Cedat85’s Magnetofono™ 2.0 provides powerful, proprietary voice-independent customisable speech-to-text solutions for a wide range of applications, including: –

  • Transcriptions of government meetings (i.e., City Councils, Congressional sessions, Public Administration Committee sessions);
  • Transcriptions using our automatic speech recognition system for easy indexing and searching within audio and video recordings live, in real-time during any assembly meeting;
  • Live subtitling.

Magnetofono™ 2.0 is our hardware/software solution used to manage all phases of meeting transcriptions. Not only it records audio in digital formats, but it also accurately transforms speech into real-time text.
Magnetofono™ 2.0 operates by automatically sending portions of audio, of a specific duration, simultaneously to a server during the recording process.
The server automatically produces the text, recognises the voice of every speaker, adding the name to the transcript, and publishing it on a dedicated web page.

Magnetofono technology allows you to quickly handle document workflow related to meetings and councils.
It is also helpful for creating archives.
In order to help digitalisation process of Public Administration bodies, Magnetofono offers highly valuable promotions to its clients.

For more info please contact info@magnetofono.it